Olphen, H.A. van
[Collection colour-plates of bulbs and tuberous plants.]
Haarlem, H.A. van Olphen, [ca. 1910], 94 fine decorative chromolithographed plates, inserted index-leaves in handwriting, small folio (214 x 297 mm), embossed cloth (slightly rubbed). The numbered plates are extra numbered in blue pencil in the upper right corner: 1-19, 19a, 20, 20a-b, 21-24, 24a-b, 25-32, 32a, 33-36, 36a-b, 37-40, 40a-b, 41-44, 44a-d, 45-47, 47a-b, 48-51, 51a-b, 52-60, 60a, 61-75. Plate-leaves vary in size from 195 x 252 mm - 340 x 520 mm (folding leaf) and are mounted on stubs.
Most plates with copyright H.A. van Olphen, Printer, Publisher, Haarlem - Holland, and with monogram VO; some plates: Senefelder Luminochrome Amst[erdam]. Apparently intended for promotion the products of the Dutch bulb-trade.