Araceae - Caladium chantinii + Caladium verschaffeltii + Caladium humboldtii - Caladium argyrites.
Araceae - Caladium bicolor - Caladium chantinii + Caladium bicolor - Caladium verschaffeltii + Caladium humboldtii - Caladium argyrites
From: l’Illustration horticole, journal spécial des serres et des jardins by Charles Lemaire (editor) and published by Ambroise Verschaffelt.
Gand [Gent], F. et E. Gyselynck, 1858, volume 5, plate 185. Chromolithograph finished by hand (sheet 255 x 327 mm with fold). Text enclosed (partly in photocopy).
€ 130
One of the great Belgian horticultural periodicals, published over 43 years. From 1854-1868 Lemaire worked for Ambroise Verschaffelt, in which period he edited this journal. In 1869 the Verschaffelt Établissement was bought up by Jean Jules Linden and the editorship went to Éduard André.
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