Polemoniaceae - Collomia biflora - Collomia cavanillesii
Polemoniaceae - Collomia biflora - Collomia cavanillesii
From: Curtis’s botanical magazine; or flower garden displayed. Conducted by Samual Curtis. The descriptions by William Jackson Hooker.
London, Samual Curtis, 1836, volume 63, plate 3468. Hand-coloured engraving by Joseph Swan (sheet 162 x 253 mm). Text enclosed.
€ 65
The first and most important botanical magazine made up of ‘figures’ of plants and short descriptions. Provides a storehouse of exotics, paralleling the indigenous plants … (Hunt). A delightful work pictorially, never excelled as a periodical, most carefully coloured and a source of lasting interest and information (Dunthorne). Started by William Curtis in 1787 publication still continues.
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