Rubiaceae - Asperula odorata. From: Flora londinensis by William Curtis.
Rubiaceae - Asperula odorata
From: Flora londinensis by William Curtis.
London, the author, [1775-] 1777-1798. Hand-coloured engraving (sheet 323 x 508; impression 213 x 237 mm). Text missing.
Though William Curtis was not one of the great scientists, his name is writ large in English botany. Trained as an apothecary, he turned to gardening and then the description and illustration of plants. In his Flora londinensis he presented an impressive record of wildflowers growing within ten miles of London, including many no longer found there; and in his Botanical Magazine (1786 to date) he offered those exotics which Englishmen were pleased to grow in their gardens. this splendid, complicated, basic English flora (Hunt). Most of the plates are unsigned, but the artists involved were James Sowerby, Sydenham Teast Edwards and William Kilburn.
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