Amaranthaceae - Beta vulgaris + Beta vulgaris - Beta maritima
Amaranthaceae - Beta vulgaris + Beta vulgaris - Beta maritima
From: La flore et la pomone françaises, ou histoire et figures en couleur, des fleurs et des fruits de France ou naturalisés sur le sol français by Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire.
Paris, the author, 1832, volume 5, plate 468. Unsigned stipple-engraving in colour by Jean Henri Jaume Saint-Hilaire finished by hand (uncut and unbound sheet 175 x 265). Text enclosed.
€ 60
Very rare work, which was published in parts from 1828-1833 in 6 volumes by the French botanist and artist Jaume Saint-Hilaire (1772-1845). It was planned to issue 800 plates but the regular publication was terminated with plate 544. Among those who worked under van Spaëndonck or Redouté, or who based their style on the pure water-colour technique which Redouté learned from his master, may be mentioned Turpin, Poiteau, Bessa, Mme Vincent (b. 1786), Jaume-Saint-Hilaire, Chazal and Prêtre. Most of these artists were the equals of Redouté in technical skill, and given his opportunities might have won the same renown. … Jaume-Saint-Hilaire was no less distinguished as a botanist, and his introduction into France of Polygonum tinctorum, which yields a valuable blue dye, was of considerable importance (Blunt).
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