Resedaceae - Reseda luteola. From: Flora batava by Jan Kops and others. Resedaceae
Includes annuals, biennials and perennials. Distributed in temperate to sub-tropical regions of the Europe, western Asia, the Middle East, North America and South Africa.
Resedaceae - Reseda luteola
From: Flora batava by Jan Kops and others.
Amsterdam, J.C. Sepp, 1822, volume 4, plate 308. Hand-coloured engraving (unpressed sheet 240 x 299 mm). Text enclosed.
€ 70
The Flora batava, a monumental work forming a beautifully illustrated survey of all indigenous plants in the Netherlands. It was started in 1800 by Jan Kops, a Dutch agronomist and professor of botany at Utrecht. The first 10 volumes constitute all that was prepared and issued under his supervision. When finished at last in 1934, Willem Jan Lütjeharms was the editor for volume 28, in which he concludes that this work has ended now and that publication took longer than any comparable foreign flora: De Flora Batava heeft langer geleefd dan een der met dit werk vergelijkbare buitenlandsche plaatwerken. The long publication period reflects the change in the technique of its illustrations. Initially copper-engravings were used, followed by lithographs, all coloured by hand, but from volume 25 colour-printing was gradually introduced. Also several artists were involved, but the plates are not signed, nor much information is given about them. The first publisher, J.C. Sepp en Zoon, was renowned for its scientific colour-plate books. Each plate is accompanied by a text in Dutch and French. The work was issued in 8vo and 4to. This plate is in the most desirable large 4to format.
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Resedaceae - Reseda luteola. From: Flora batava by Jan Kops and others.